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About Anna

Anna is a market, product and business development specialist with over 20 year’s international experience across multiple sectors and with organisations ranging from micro businesses to FTSE 100 organisations.

In every role she’s fulfilled people view Anna as positively different and she has embraced this difference to become an inspirational leader. Anna is an exceptional communicator and relationship builder with an eye for opportunities and an innate ability to identify and set strategic direction. These are the foundations which enable her to consistently inspire change and get stuff done.

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Current Activity

Working alongside longstanding clients to facilitate development and delivery of strategic plans for growth focusing on marketing, communication and business development.

Sharing her  journey of from the point of self-destruction to a contemplative state of self-acceptance, has enabled Anna to embrace her difference, find her why and spread a positive message about the value of diversity. 

If you have ever wondered what it’s like to be different, how you can harness the power of neuro difference for the benefit of not only your business but also humanity, then Anna's journey will inspire, impart knowledge, and leave you wondering whether you might be different too. 

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