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We are a Strategic Marketing business.

People quite often just hear ‘marketing’ and proceed to ask about websites, brochures and advertising. Whilst the communications and promotional side of marketing is very visible it’s not necessarily, in my opinion, what makes a business successful. 

Strategic marketing is all about the bit that goes on way before we even start to think about how to manipulate the marketing mix (web, SEO, social media, advertising, PR, printed collateral).  

Strategic Marketing is about establishing a basis for competing in the chosen marketplace. It is about how businesses differentiate themselves from the competition by understanding, developing and capitalising on their strengths. 

The first thing that I always try to establish with my clients is the goal. What is it that they want to achieve? Usually it’s a combination of growth in financial terms, coupled with an element of visibility in their chosen markets. Of course in order to achieve any of this we have to look at a number of key elements to establish where, and how the business will compete. This is Strategic Marketing. 

Each of us as human beings need regular maintenance to keep us in shape; a good diet, some exercise, a bit of a giggle, the sun on our faces. A business also needs to be ‘looked after’ in order to prosper. Just like we need an occasional MOT so does your business. 
What could you discover today that will allow you to grow your business and help it operate better?  

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