So - What is it?

Strategic marketing is all about the bit that goes on way before we even start to think about how to manipulate the marketing mix (web, SEO, social media, advertising, PR, printed collateral).


I work with businesses to help them to assess where they are and get to where they want to be.

Strategic Marketing is about establishing a basis for competing in the chosen marketplace. It is about how businesses differentiate themselves from the competition by understanding, developing and capitalising on their strengths.


I look at a business’s products and services – existing and potential, the markets into which they can and could sell, their customers - understanding what it is they want and helping the business to deliver it.

Strategic Marketing is about understanding a business’s value, positioning it appropriately in its chosen marketplace and developing a strategic plan in order for it to achieve its full potential.

My independence from any marketing delivery specialists ensures  my clients are in full possession of an strategic plan BEFORE they seek external support from Marketing suppliers - a plan that is unbiased towards any particluar marketing approach or tool (SEO, web, online, brand, PR, advertisisng). This ensures you are the ones calling the shots with clear and precise objectives in mind prior to engaing with suppliers - which saves you both time, money and misunderstandings.


What I do encompasses: products and services, markets, customers, positioning, identifying and capitalising on opportunities for growth, pricing, strategic branding, development of vision and values.

Discover The secret to ongoing marketing success

Benefits of Discovery Days

  • Re-energise and find new perspective

  • Developing team knowledge & understanding of the business challenges you face today and into the future

  • No hard sell or obligation to sign up to anything

  • A place to sense-check your vision, direction, aims & objectives

  • Advice & guidance on the external marketing support you might need to address specific challenges

  • written report for future reference


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