Do you need to grow your client base? Increase turnover? Increase profitability? Do you know and understand where your main challenges as a business lie? And do you know how to approach and address these challenges?

Are you bamboozled by all the different marketing communications tools available to you? One person who sells SEO and online marketing solutions tells you that’s most important, the PR consultant tells you media exposure is essential to your success, branding guru’s tell you it’s your corporate identity and web designers tell you a new web site will swing it....

It’s an increasingly common story and in reality it might be all, any, or none of the above. But what you do need to know is what you are trying to achieve... A Discovery Day is the basis for establishing a coherent road map so you can seek marketing partners with confidence and have them working for you, rather than accepting what they have to offer whether it’s beneficial or not.

When was the last time you took some time out to assess where your business is heading? Running a business can be like swimming in an ocean without a guide boat – you’ve got your head down concentrating on keeping afloat and not drowning, you know you’re making forward progress but you’re not quite sure to where.
'Not looking up' in business might enable you to keep your turnover steady if you’re lucky, but it can also lead you to miss out on opportunities for growth or opportunities to do things differently. 

That’s where I come in.

I work with businesses to help them to assess where they are and get to where they want to be.

Strategic Marketing is about establishing a basis for competing in the chosen marketplace. It is about how businesses differentiate themselves from the competition by understanding, developing and capitalising on their strengths. I assess the strategic marketplace ad help position businesses so that they can optimise performance and drive growth and seek business partners with objectives already in mind. Strategic marketing is all about the bit that goes on way before we even start to think about how to manipulate the marketing mix (web, SEO, social media, advertising, PR, printed collateral).

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