Amazon UK: We’re delighted to be sponsoring the Rural Business Awards this year alongside the CLA, to help shine a spotlight on the best and most inspirational rural businesses – small and large alike.

BT Community Fibre Partnership: We’re proud to be working with the Rural Business Awards (RBAs) as an Associate Partner for 2017 via our Community Fibre Partnership programme.  Established in 2014, the RBAs recognise businesses that operate across the rural sector.  And because we work with many rural communities to help get them connected to the national fibre infrastructure, we share the RBA’s passion about firms that value their rural roots.

By Doug Gurr, UK Country Manager, Amazon

The internet and technology provide huge opportunities for the UK’s rural economy. Government statistics show there are more registered businesses per person in rural areas than in urban areas excluding London, and in 2015 rural businesses contributed an estimated £237 billion in Gross Value Added to the UK economy as a whole. However, while this shows progress, there’s still more to do if we are to unlock rural UK’s digital potential and ultimately enhance the UK economy more widely. The Government has taken promising steps to improve digital infrastructure with better internet connectivity and broadband in rural areas; but as we say at Amazon, it is still only Day One for the internet.

Business of Science Conference 2017: A Review

In recent times I’ve totally fallen out of love with business ‘networking’. It’s over blown and full of people trying to sell products or services that I have neither want or need of. Yes ‘sometimes’ I connect with a person who enhances my network – ironically I met Founder of BoSc, Steve Bennett at a networking event - but those connections are few and far between and not generally in line with the time or effort required to attend, review and respond to tens of requests for meetings so that people can tap me up for my list of clients and contacts.

If Like me - and three quarters of the population, you have an intense dislike or fear of public speaking then this article is for you…

The good news is you are not alone - also known as glossophobia it is estimated that about 75 per cent of people suffer from various forms of this phobia and ten per cent of people are genuinely terrified.

Jemma and I are proud to announce our partnership with Amazon for the 2017 Awards programme, Amazon joins our longstanding Partner the CLA as awards supporter.

As the RBA's we are joining with Amazon to help shine a spotlight on best of UK Rural business and entrepreneurship. We are looking to partner with like minded businesses to provide practical help for rural SMEs, and are also encouraging more small firms to get involved with the Amazon Academy.

There are many reasons why winning this category could do wonders for your business. Not only does it demonstrate that you have winning relationships with your current staff, it also positions you as an employer of choice – which means you can attract and retain the best talent for your business.

Originally recorded last year, this podcast is being republished at time where we're all thinking about the year ahead. What better time then to think about your strategy, and realigning it with new goals taking on board learning from 2016? Here I talk strategy, planning and marketing - with some work / life balance stuff thrown in for good measure.

The original article published in the Huffington Post in September talks about how tech is changing how we age. It is, or at least it has the potential to. Our acceptance and use of technology is increasing and the tech itself is moving ahead at a rate of knots.

As many of you know three years ago I decided I’d had enough of being employed, of not being able to make a real difference, so I took the plunge and became self employed. People said it would be hard – but back then I had no idea what hard work really was. Balancing working to build a business, being a mum – to two girls with special educational needs, being a wife, a sister and daughter of ageing parents. 

This is what my client Carl had to say...

Anna is a rare find.

Amongst hoards of people trying to sell design, websites, printing, SEO, social media etc, she has the presence of mind to help you take a step back and properly analyse what you are trying to achieve. This can be a difficult process requiring a lot of thought, but Anna makes it both focused and fun.  

‘Strategy’ one of the most over used and little understood words in our business vocabulary today. As a strategy consultant I often come up against people who treat the word with derision. However I am undeterred, I truly believe that the creation and execution of a solid strategy holds the key to creating start-ups that will stand the test of time.

Everyone’s definition of what marketing is, is different. The fact that every time I meet someone and they say ‘what do you do for a living’ I have to explain what a Strategic Marketer does. Quite often I find it easier to tell them what I don’t do – don’t do SEO, Websites, Brochures, etc etc. Very very few people get it.

First published for Business Matters Magazine: May 2015

An Innovative Approach to Changing Culture in Large Organisations

Tradition and experience in a workforce is great, but should not - as is so often the case, be a blocker for Change.

As many traditional, established businesses find, there are lots of issues which need to be addressed in order to move an organisation forward, to enable it to continue to compete effectively and profitably on the global stage.

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